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New section, keep the date: Touch

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Our Bodyof theWords workshop is getting ready for its new Touch section , on Saturday 25 November 2018 at the TAFtheartfoundation venue in Monastiraki. It is going to be a two-part program that it includes interactive class by the artist/M.A. artistic therapist Elena Tnikidi, 2. an art presentation about Max Klinger's incisions, named: "the glove" and 3. a final round table discussion among partecipants. A brief presentation section for post graduate students in Arts is also prevented for the final part of the workshop [High School of Arts in Athens].

The topic of the newest Touch section goes around the most elegant object of feticism: Gloves.

Partecipants' works at the interactive class -short stories and material objects- will be presented on February 2019 in a glove and a story- telling exhibition at the Art Therapy Gallery in Kolonaki.

pls, visit the blog site for the Greek version and the fb page for futher info.. Do not hesitate to contact us:

stay tuned and get your registration to the workshop..

the Bodyof theWords workshop is on the road, get ready!!

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